Un plus une

French Title: Un plus une
Genre: Comedy, Romance 
Director: Claude Lelouch
Screenplay: Claude Lelouch, Valérie Perrin
Cast: Jean Dujardin, Elsa Zylberstein, Christophe Lambert, Alice Pol
Distributor: Metropolitan Filmexport, Les Films 13
Length: 113 min
Country: France
Release: CT Premiere

Antoine resembles the heroes in the films whose scores he composes. He’s charming, successful, and goes through life with humor and lightheartedness. When he travels to India to work on an original version of Romeo and Juliet, he encounters Anna, a woman with whom he has nothing in common, but who he finds devastatingly attractive. Together they’ll live an incredible adventure. Starring Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin and directed by the legendary Claude Lelouch, Un plus une is an instant film classic.

FOCUS ON: Origin of the Story

This film stems from a beautiful mix of circumstances. When I was working on another project, I received a call from Elsa Zylberstein and Jean Dujardin, simply to let me know that they wanted to work with me. Then, my encounter with India was a revelation. Our mutual desire and conversations allowed me to tell the kind of love story that I like. Jean and Elsa were the driving force. They had the potential of being a really unexpected couple. They are so different that they are bound to form an ideal couple!

I love actors, and I know how important they are to a movie, because it’s their worlds that allow us to depict everything. I’ve wanted to work with Jean Dujardin for a long time. After making movies for over 50 years, having worked with France’s most talented actors, I couldn’t not work with him.

With Jean and Elsa in mind, I wrote the script very quickly. They directed my writing process and enjoyed it because I believe that these two, each in their very own way, represent new trends in contemporary cinema. So it is the first time I’ve made a film on an “emotional request”!
– Claude Lelouch


“The story casts a certain spell with its touches of movie love, its elegant score by frequent Lelouch collaborator Francis Lai, and especially its central performances. As Westerners who are self-absorbed in different ways, Zylberstein and Dujardin spar intriguingly, openhearted and humbled, broken and mending.” – Hollywood Reporter, Sheri Linden 

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