The Assistant

French Title: La Volante
Genre: Thriller – Drama
Directors: Christophe Ali & Nicolas Bonilauri
Cast: Nathalie Baye, Malik Zidi, Johan Leysen, Sabrina Seyvecou
Distributor: Bac Films Distribution
Length: 87 min
Country: France – Belgium – Luxembourg
Release: NY-area Premiere
Select Awards: 1 Nomination at the 8th Festival du Film d’Angoulême 2015

April 5 – 7:00pm – FIAF, Manhattan
Closing Night Movie and Party


With his wife in labor, father-to-be Thomas (Malik Zidi) speeds to the hospital, and in the process, accidentally kills a young man on the road. That death sets into motion events that will change everyone’s lives forever, including the young man’s mother Marie-France (Nathalie Baye), who cannot recover from the trauma. Nine years later, Marie-France takes a job as Thomas’s secretary without him knowing about her connection to his past. As Marie-France’s maternal rage reaches tragic proportions, she insinuates herself into his life, his work and his family in this classic thriller à la Hitchcock.

FOCUS ON the Inception of an Idea

“We work in an administration and have met many assistants. We often wondered who they were and where were they from. We wanted to explore this very particular relationship that can exist between a boss and their secretaries. They often form a couple, spending a great deal of time together, sometimes more than with their significant others. We took this idea and developed something more dramatic and try to answer the following question: “Do you really know the person you are working with?” It was about imagining the hidden face of this stranger that works across from you behind their computer, by way of a classic thriller. “-Directors Christophe Ali & Nicolas Bonilauri

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