This year’s Focus on French Cinema lineup includes a Tribute to Québec, with numerous exciting films, guest appearances by actors, and Q&As with directors.

This tribute is co-organized with the Montréal festival, CINEMANIA, whose Managing Director, Guilhem Caillard, will be attending the FFC Festival as a guest programmer.

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2016: Focus on Lebanon

New to the program in 2016 was a Spotlight on Lebanon, a country with an extraordinary film culture and deep ties to France.

Acclaimed actor Carlos Chahine was with us to present his latest performance in Ghassan Salhab’s artful and stunning The Valley. Prior to The Valley, we also screened Chahine’s award-winning short film The North Road and Carlos was interviewed by screenwriter and actress Myrna Dahdah. Our tribute concluded with Halal Love directed by Assad Fouladkar. Falafel and Lebanese wine were part of the celebration.

The North Road
Dir. Carlos Chahine

The Valley
Dir. Ghassan Salhab

Halal Love
Dir. Assad Fouladkar

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