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Press Clips 2015 and Earlier, Tuesday, March 5 2013
” Focus on French Cinema hits the big screen at Purchase College” by Scott Gargan
“Opera is often seen as a distant and elite art form dominated by diva-like personalities. But when you see soprano Natalie Dessay’s anxieties and uncertainties come to light in “Becoming Traviata” (Traviata et Nous) — Philippe Beziat’s behind-the-scenes documentary about the staging of “La Traviata” for the 2011 Aix-en-Provence Festival — that perception is turned inside out.To watch Natalie Dessay question herself, work tirelessly, obsessively and with immense joy, that alone can change totally how one sees the world of opera and strip away the cliches on divas, directors and the prestige of it all,” said Jean-Francois Sivadier, who directed “La Traviata” and appears alongside Dessay in the film. “We discover the human element inside an enormous operatic production machine.”

Greenwich Time, Friday, March 30 2012
” The festival, now in its eighth year, was the brainchild of founder and chairman, Catherine Lamairesse of Greenwich. In her opening remarks before the Opening Night screening, Lamairesse quoted the noted French director Bertrand Tavernier, ” Cinema is a weapon of mass construction” . The selected films, she said, were “weapons for hope, for love, for a fight against darkness, for truth, for a change,” adding ,”but with this je ne sais quoi of genuineness or simplicity. Greenwich resident Roger Lourie, who attended with his French born wife Claude pointed out how he found that the film ( Angele et Tony) differed from American films. ” It’s the depth of perception in the films that France has, the diversity of viewpoints,” he says.
” There is much more thinking when you watch a French movie” (Claude Lourie)
” A French film intimates” was how Lucy Chabrol described her reading of French film. ” It is the way in which the film unravels, she said ” the good are not the good, the bad are not the bad. It’s not clear cut.

GO – Thursday, March 22 , 2012
FOCUS ON FRENCH CINEMA – Weekend fest spotlights Francophone gems.
Quotes – Catherine Lamairesse ( discussing Angele et Tony) – ” This movie was love at first sight” says Catherine on the film directed by Alix Delaporte where the actors won the most-coveted film award – the Cesar

French Morning – (April 2009) “Sophie Marceau et le péril LOL “
Sophie Marceau vient présenter son nouveau film LOL (laughing out loud) au Focus On French Cinema, le festival de l’Alliance Française de Greenwich. L’occasion pour l’actrice française de revenir à New York. LOL se concentre sur la vie de Lola, lycéenne dans les quartiers chics de Paris.

France-Amérique (Interview) – (April 2, 2009) “Sophie Marceau, une femme dans la lumière”, by Oumelkheir Djenaidi
L’actrice française Sophie Marceau est l’invitée d’honneur du festival Focus on French Cinema qui a démarré vendredi au Purchase Performing Art Center dans le Westchester. Elle y présente deux longs-métrages, Les Femmes de l’ombre de Jean-Pierre Salomé, et LOL (Laughing Out Loud) de Lisa Azuelos qui marque le retour en force de Sophie.

Greenwich Citizen -(April 2009) “A French Icon” by Victoria Baker
When we think of iconic French actresses we think of Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and that latest on the list: Sophie Marceau. American audiences may remember Marceau from James Bond and Braveheart. She is the quintessential French beauty- elegant, stylish and mysterious.

France-amérique (Interview) – (April 6, 2009) “Christophe Lambert : « Je ne suis pas immortel, mais entre “action!” et “coupez!”, j’y crois »”, by Johanna Safar
Christophe Lambert, héros de Highlander et Subway était présent au festival Focus on French Cinema de Purchase, New York qui s’est clôturé dimanche. L’acteur franco-américain accompagnait sa compagne et invitée d’honneur Sophie Marceau. Il sera bientôt à l’affiche de White Material de Claire Denis avec Isabelle Huppert.

France-Amérique (Interview) – (April 2, 2009) ” Les histoires (a)musées de Jean-Michel Ribes”, by Mathilde Schneider
Jean-Michel Ribes, auteur, metteur en scène et directeur du théâtre du Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées, à Paris, a présenté dimanche au festival Focus on French Cinema de Purchase (New York), “Musée Haut, Musée Bas”, son dernier film, sorti en France en novembre dernier. Une comédie chorale, déjantée mais finement ciselée, et portée par un casting de luxe.

Weekend edition of the Greenwich Time/Stanford Advocate (March 27, 2008), by Rebecca Haynes
What began as a brainstorming session among three local women on how to build bridges between the United States and France has evolved into a festival expected to draw thousands this weekend. The fourth annual Focus on French Cinema opens tomorrow night with “Ensemble c’est tout,” starring Audrey Tautou.

Greenwich Citizen (Greenwich, CT) – (March 7, 2008) Festival to “Focus on French Cinema”
Once again, the Performing Arts Center at Purchase College will host the weekend festival of 12 contemporary and cutting edge films. On Friday afternoon March 28, the festival will feature two films specifically designated for students: Laurent Tirard’s “Moliere” with Romain Duris and Ludivine Sagnier, and “Les Amities Malefiques” (Poison Friends)…

Greenwich Time (Greenwich, CT) – (March 14, 2008) “Alliance Francaise Greenwich Premieres set for annual French film fest” by Barbara A. Heins
Focus on French Cinema 2008, the fourth edition of the Festival of French Cinema, formally opens on March 28 at the Purchase College Performing Arts Center with a surprise East Coast premiere. The opening night event at 7:15 p.m., hosted by Purchase alumnus David Schwartz, chief curator of the Museum of the Modern Image…

Greenwich Post (Greenwich, CT) – (February 22, 2008) “A bridge between cultures” by Lois Street
Is film a fine art? Certainement! say the French. They consider cinema the “seventh art” – a creative end in itself along with painting, literature, music, sculpture, architecture and dance. To illustrate the point, the Alliance Francaise of Greenwich, will present its fourth annual film festival, Focus on French Cinema,which features 13 contemporary films …

Greenwich Magazine (Greenwich, CT) – (August 2007) “People + Places
The third annual Focus of French Cinema 2007 was held at the Performing Arts Center at Purchase College. More than 3,000 lovers of foreign film gathered for three days of French films. The festival revolved around the invited actors and directors who were on hand for the selection of shorts and feature films. More than 600 crowded into the PepsiCo Theatre.

The ADVOCATE Greenwich Time (Greenwich, CT) – (March 29, 2007) “Parlez-vous Français?” by Beth Cooney
The film festival known as “Focus on French Cinema” began three years ago as a humble endeavour by some passionate Francophiles and cinema fans. “And the best we could do was show the movies on DVDs,” says…

Greenwich Post (Greenwich, CT) –(March 22, 2007) “Le weekend” by Victoria Baker

The Academie Française is a 40O-year old institution whose sole function is to safeguard the French language. So, when Francophiles started to use the English term ‘le weekend’ there was a veritable outcry. However, the French Academy’s intolerance of this and similar terms won’t have any effect on their popular acceptance.

Greenwich Post (Greenwich, CT) – (March 2007) “Cinema series focuses on the French” by Kristan Zimmer

Focus on French Cinema 2007, the third annual festival of French cinema, opens on Friday, March 30, with the United States premiere of Le Héros de la Famille (The Family Hero). Renée Ketcham, one of the three founders of the film series, said it is a drama but would not reveal too much plot about the movie. “We want it to be a surprise”…

France Amérique – (April 26, 2007)“Cinéma à Greenwich”
Focus on French Cinema, organisé conjointement par l’ Alliance Française de Greenwich, Purchase College et French Feeling Films était placé sous le patronage de L’ambassadeur de France aux Etats-Unis, Mr Jean-David Lévitte, de L’ambassadeur de la Francophonie auprès des Nations Unies, Mr Hervé Cassan, du consul général de France à New York…

The Journal News ( Westchester, NY) –(March 29, 2007) “Cinema Français returns to Purchase” by Kevin Canfield
To fans of French movies, Claude Brasseur is something of a marvel. In a career that has spanned 50 years, Brasseur has appeared in more than 100 films and been nominated five times for Cesar awards, France’s answer to the Oscar. So it’s no wonder that the organizers of the third annual Focus on French Cinema festival are thrilled to welcome Brasseur…

E.A.S.E Greenwich Citizen (Greenwich, CT) – (March 9, 2007)“Le weekend” by Zack Greenspon
When the Alliance Française of Greenwich held its first Focus on French Cinema film festival three years ago, it realized that there would be some difficulties in hosting a successful event. The glaring issue was how to make an event that seem so specialized (would a French and Francophone event intrigue local filmgoers?) appeal to the public.

Greenwich Magazine (Greenwich, CT), (July 2006) by Muffy Fox
The diversity of films gave a panoramic view of French society without stereotypes.

France Amérique, (March 18, 2006) by Sarah Benlolo
Une manifestation jeune, ambitieuse, qui traduit aussi une belle histoire d’inspiration et de motivation dans la communauté française aux Etats-Unis.

Greenwich Citizen, (March 10, 2006) by Nicole Rivard
“Very few French productions manage to get visibility on this side of the Atlantic, and the Focus on French Cinema is a great opportunity to show our work in America” Diane Kurys, French director.

Greenwich Post (Greenwich, CT), (March 2006) by Victoria Baker
Immersing oneself in another culture and its cinema can be a gratifying experience that broadens the horizons. I urge you to try it.

The ADVOCATE Greenwich Time (Greenwich, CT), (March 23, 2006) by Nadia Lerner
The upcoming film repertoire is comprised of family movies and highly lauded and prize-wining films.


Greenwich, CT, May 23, 2021

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Greenwich, CT, April 11, 2019
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Greenwich, CT, January 23, 2019
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Greenwich, CT, April 4, 2018
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Joe Meyers, Director of Programming
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Greenwich, CT, March 3, 2017
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Greenwich, CT, April 15, 2016
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Greenwich, CT, March 10, 2016
FFC 2016 2nd Press Release: LINEUP, GUESTS, OPENING NIGHT…

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Greenwich, CT, February 15, 2016
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Greenwich, CT, March 5, 2015
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Greenwich, CT, Feb. 2014
10th Annual Festival opens in Greenwich, CT
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