French Title: Préjudice
Genre: Drama
Director: Antoine Cuypers
Cast: Nathalie Baye, Arno Hintjens, Thomas Blanchard
Distributor: Les Films du Losange
Length: 105 min
Country: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Release: North American Premiere
Select Awards: 6 Magritte Award Nominations

April 2 – 6:30pm
with Nathalie Baye


At a family dinner, Cédric, in his early thirties and still living with his parents, learns that his sister is expecting a baby. While the news brings excited reactions from everyone else, it gives Cédric a feeling of resentment that gradually turns into fury. He tries to make the others accept that he has always been a victim of their prejudices. Caught between paranoia and pretense, a family does all it can to preserve its apparent harmony. Winner of the Audience Prize at the Angers First Film European Film Festival.

FOCUS ON the Evolution of a Story

“I wanted a film about a family power struggle. The first drafts of the script were more ferocious, very focused on Cédric’s revenge (Thomas Blanchard). From one version to another, we diversified the points of view to avoid black and white stereotypes of right and wrong. In certain families nothing is said and everything exists in the undercurrents. In others, we scream, we shout. Both can still function; a family is a balance. My language is cinematic, but I’m conscious that the movie is perfectly adaptable to the theatre, because there is a real emphasis on the monologues, the rhythm, and the classical theatrical unity of time, place and action is also preserved.” -Antoine Cuypers

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