Pierre Rochefort

With both Jean Rochefort and Nicole Garcia as parents, Pierre Rochefort first refused to be an actor, not wanting to be a “fils de”. However after several music projects he went on to learn stage acting. Avoiding help from his parents’ fame, Pierre waited until he was 26 years old before starting a cinematographic career. Lucas Belvaux gave him his first role in Rapt, and a second in 38 Témoins (38 Witnesses – FFC 2013), while Benoit Jacquot directed him in a bigger part for Les Adieux à la reine (Farewell My Queen). He also worked with his mother on her sixth long-feature, Un Balcon sur la mer (A View of Love). His co-lead part in her seventh, Un Beau dimanche (Going Away) in 2014, made him a revelation to the French public and to film critics.

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