Philippe Muyl

After receiving a Bachelors degree in philosophy, Philippe Muyl studied graphic arts in Belgium and Paris. He worked in the advertising world as an artistic director before becoming cofounder of Line Space, a design company, and Synchrony Productions, an audio-visual production company. Philippe Muyl has made many industrial films and commercials, and in 1976 he directed the short film The School of the Heads. His first full-length feature, The Tree under the Sea, starring Christophe Malavoy and Julien Guiomar, was an official selection at the Berlin Film Festival in 1985. Muyl again focused on the relationships between humans and animals in the 2000 comedy The Cow and the President. Muyl’s first great success came in 1993 with his adaptation of Cuisine et Dépendances, a play by Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui, followed by the comedy All Must Disappear in 1997. The Butterfly, the story of friendship between an old collector of butterflies (Michel Serrault) and an eight year old girl (Claire Boua- nich), was a tremendous success from the time of its 2002 release in France.

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