Olivier Barrot

Journalist, author, and television personality, Olivier Barrot has played a prominent role in French cultural life. Following his role as a producer at Gaumont and TF1, Barrot wrote for Le Monde and Canal+. He later became an artistic advisor for the Cannes Film Festival. Along with Thierry Taittinger, he then founded SENSO Magazine of words and meaning. Since 1991 he has been the producer and host of the daily literary program Un Livre, Un Jour on France 3 and TV5 television, where he directs a series of public discussions with actors of the Comédie Française. Since 2007, Olivier Barrot has been hosting French Literature in the Making series at New York University since 2007 and is also the author of multiple books including: Ciné Club (2010), La Revue blanche, Le Fils perdu (2012), and Un livre un jour, un livre toujours (2014). Olivier Barrot introduced Memories (Les Souvenirs) at FFC 2015.

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