Noah Parker

Noah Parker is the newly discovered actor in 2018 in Quebec cinema: he is the co-star of the feature film Ailleurs, directed by Samuel Matteau, in which he magnificently plays the role of Tévé a fragile teenager fleeing his morose existence in Quebec City to live in California. Squat is Noah’s first major role in a feature film in which he was noticed by all the critics. His acting interpretation has been described as soft, luminous and silent. He is also the principal actor of Pauvre Georges !, Claire Devers’ highly anticipated film produced by Dominique Besnehard, which will be released in the fall of 2018 in France and Quebec. Even though Noah has been acting since 2011, it was in 2013 that we discover him in the role of Sacha in the popular series 30 VIES. On television, he plays roles in the Quebec serials Au secours de Béatrice and Prémonitions. He made several appearances notably in video clips of Céline Dion and Indochine (College Boy directed by Xavier Dolan). Versatile artist, Noah is also a musician and sportsman.

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