Nicolas Marié

Right after high school, Nicolas Marié immersed himself in acting and for this workaholic, it seems that has never stopped. Very active on stage, he also contributed to many television series and movies. His encounter with Albert Dupontel in the early 90s, when Dupontel was directing his first short, Désiré, would start a relationship that continued through 9 mois ferme (9 Month Stretch). Marié has acted in several other movies such as 99 Francs (FFC 2008), Micmacs and Tu seras mon fils (You Will Be My Son). He has been the French voice-dub of countless actors, principally Americans such as John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, as well as animated characters in movies and TV series. His role as a stuttering lawyer in 9 Month Stretch has been deemed unforgettable. Nicolas Marié was our guest in 2014.

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