Nathan Ambrosioni

19-year-old first-time feature director/screenwriter, Nathan Ambrosioni, is sometimes referred to as “the Xavier Dolan” of France. Laurent Danielou, the co-founder of Loco films told Variety that he was “highly impressed by the maturity and talent of the young filmmaker,”—who is the youngest French director to have received the selective subsidy Advance of Receipts from the National Film Board (CNC).Ambrosioni wrote the script of Paper Flags while in 12th grade. “As I was becoming an adult, I started thinking about what it meant to be free, and that’s the theme of the story,” says Ambrosioni.The Director said he also “wanted to zoom-in on the experience of inmates who come out of jail without any psychological or financial support and are thrown back into society, which leads many of them to relapse into delinquency. It’s a real issue in our society.” He also spent time with an ex-convict who shared his experience.The lush and colorful cinematography provides a distinct contrast between the form and the substance of the film. Both the co-stars of his film were nominated as Best Newcomers at the César and Prix Lumières awards.

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