My Internship in Canada

French Title: Guibord s’en va-t-en Guerre
Genre: Comedy
Director: Philippe Falardeau
Cast: Patrick Huard, Suzanne Clement, Irdens Exantus, Clemence Dufresne-Deslieres
Distributor: Films Distribution
Length: 108 min
Country: Canada
Release: NY-area Premiere
Select Awards: 3 Canadian Screen Award Nominations
JUST WON: 3 Quebec Cinema Awards for Best Supporting Actor (Irdens Exantus), Best Original Score (Martin Léon) and Best Film Editing (Richard Comeau)

April 2 – 1:05pm


An idealistic young Haitian, Sovereign, travels to rural Quebec to intern for an independent member of Parliament when a national debate erupts that finds the MP holding the tie-breaking vote. A wry and lighthearted view of the clash of culture and politics far from urban centers of power, My Internship in Canada imagines the possibilities and limitations of democracy in our contemporary political landscape.

FOCUS ON a Bridge Between Belgian and Quebecois Cinema

“I took an initial research trip to Abitibi with Vincent Lannoo [the Belgian director of Strass, Au nom du fils]. Because politics can sometimes be absurd, and absurdity is common source of inspiration in Belgian cinema, Vincent was an inspired collaborator during this idea phase. He helped me see certain familiar aspects of Quebec from a new angle. For him, everything was new, interesting and full of comedic potential. Later, when the script was in its eighth or ninth draft, I enlisted Stéphane Lafleur. I was somewhat blocked with the plot because I was worried that the comedy might overshadow the political aspect. Stéphane’s help was invaluable for identifying the important issues and pushing the comedy to its full potential.” -Philippe Falardeau


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