May Allah Bless France

French Title: Qu’Allah bénisse la France !
Genre: Biopic – Music
Director: Abd Al Malik
Cast: Marc Zinga, Sabrina Ouazani, Larouci Didi, Mickaël Nagenraft
Length: 96 min
Country: France
Release: December 2014
Select Awards: 2 Césars & 2 Lumières Nominations
The true story of Abd Al Malik, a French teenager rising out from the suburbs through love, education and rap music. A culturally gifted boy who dreams of success for his rap band through hard work and loyalty, must accept the drug money for the sake of his project. Discovering Islam and music, he bears with the harsh loss and paybacks, until he finds alone the strength to express himself through rap music and slam-poetry – and ultimately becomes a major artist of the French music scene.
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