French Title: Marseille
Genre: Comedy
Director: Kad Merad
Cast: Kad Merad, Patrick Bosso, Julien Boisselier
Distributor: Pathé International
Length: 99 min
Country: France
Release: North American Premiere

April 2 – 9:15pm
April 3 – 5:30pm

Under pressure from his brother Joseph, who he hasn’t seen for twenty-five years, Paolo resigns himself to leave behind his calm and harmonious life in Canada for a few days to return to the bedside of his dying father. Arriving in Marseille with his son, he is determined not to linger in this city that he fled many years earlier after a dramatic episode. But he didn’t anticipate the affection his family would bestow upon him after all these years, the romantic encounter with a young woman, or the joyful and simple solidarity of the people of Marseille, all of which will reconcile him to this city that he never wanted to leave… Marseille.

FOCUS ON discovering Marseille

“I landed in Marseille thanks to friends and it is with them that I discovered the city as something more than the typical Parisian who spends a few days as a tourist in the Old Port (…) Little by little, the buddies of my buddies helped me discover places less known, the real Marseillais, and I have returned there regularly for the past 10 years. In the beginning I went to a hotel, then I rented a house in the Pointe Rouge neighborhood and finally I ended up buying a house in Marseille! It’s a relationship that has developed slowly and softly…I suggested to Patrick (Bosso) that he write a screenplay with me by telling him that I would pinch things from him, which I effectively did! The story of the first names of his colleagues or the pétanque ball that is thrown from a building onto the top of his car—he lived it all!” -Kad Merad

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