Lionel Baier

Lionel Baier is a director, screenwriter and producer from Lausanne, Switzerland. 1999 marks the year he directed his first short movie, Mignon à croquer. He made a number of short films during this period, including documentaries: Celui au Pasteur (ma vision personnelle des choses), La Parade (notre histoire) and Bon vent Claude Goretta. In 2004, he directed his first feature film, Garçon stupide, followed by three others, including two selected for the Locarno Film Festival: Un autre homme (2008) and Low Cost (2010). In 2013, he directed Les Grandes Ondes (à l’Ouest) (Longwave), nominated for the Swiss Film Award for best film and best screenplay. La Vanité (Vanity) was selected for L’ACID (Association for Independent Movies) at the Cannes Festival, and portrays the sensitive topic of euthanasia in a surreal way. Lionel Baier has also been Head of the Film Department at L’Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne since 2002; and he co-founded Bande à part Films in 2009. He presented La Vanité (Vanity) at FFC 2016.

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