Jeanne Herry

Daughter of iconic French actress Miou-Miou and singer Julien Clerc, Jeanne Herry was born into cinema. She studied at the École Internationale du Théâtre and received her first film role at the age of ten in Louis Malle’s Milou en mai. She later appeared in such films as Gabrielle (2005) and J’attends quelqu’un (2006) and acted on stage in Le loup Garou and Le Belvédère. In 2009, she turned the camera on her mother Miou-Miou in her first short film entitled Marcher. Four years later, she directed her first feature-length film, Number One Fan (Elle l’adore) which brought her a Best First Film nomination for the 2015 Césars which she presented at FFC 2015 .

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