Jan Cousteau

Explorer and environmental advocate, Jan Cousteau is the widow of Philippe Cousteau Sr., and the daughter in law of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau. As a member of the legendary family, Jan is continuing the legacy through EarthEcho International (www.earthecho.org), the non-profit organization she founded with her daughter Alexandra and son Philippe Jr. She is also authoring a book on her adventures. Along with her husband Philippe Cousteau Sr. Jan led 22 expeditions filming the beloved “Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau” series. As one of the only women in the world to serve as a regular member of the Cousteau expedition crew, this model-turned-explorer filled roles ranging from logistics planner, procurator, and field surgeon to press liaison, translator, wildlife photographer, voice-over talent and even veterinarian. She cooked over open fires on beaches and savannahs from Africa to Patagonia, cared for five baby walruses on St Lawrence Island and shared a cabin in Canada with two beavers and eight team members. In addition to regularly joining her daughter Alexandra and son Philippe in the field as they work to carry on the family legacy of conservation and exploration, Jan remains an engaging and powerful storyteller–keeping alive the incredible stories of adventure most of us only saw once they were edited for the screen.

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