The 10th anniversary of Le Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême was well attended by Team Focus on French Cinema from Opening Night on August 22 to Closing Night on August 27. Les Délégués Généraux, co-founders Marie-France Brière and Dominique Besnehard, offered a selection of the best of La Francophonie honoring “notre belle langue française”.

More that 38,000 cinéphiles, (a new record), descended on Angoulême for 6 days of cinema from around the francophone world including Africa, Québec, Lebanon, Belgium and beyond with a 2017 tribute to La Côte d’Ivoire.

The selection this year included 10 films in “Compétition”, 17 in Avant-Premières, 10 films in the Hommage au Cinéma Ivoirien, Les Talents Adami Cannes, a selection of short movies, 50 years of Belgian cinema, and other special screenings:

Le Jury Francophone, led by the legendary John Malkovich included Belgian director/actor Lucas Belvaux, writer Philippe Besson, actress Stéffi Celma,  journaliste Claire Chazal, Editor in Chief of Canal +, Ivan Guyot, composer and music talent Raphael, Québecoise producer, Denise Robert and actress Laura Smet.  Actress Christiana Reali led the jury étudiant.

The Jury awards, Les Valois went to the following films:

Petit Paysan by Hubert Carruel won the Valois de Diamant (best film),  Valois de l’Acteur (Swann Arlaud) and Valois de la Musique (Myd).

Une famille syrienne won the Valois de la mise en scène, Valois du Public and Valois de l’Actrice to both Diamond Abou Abboud and Hiam Abbass.  This extraordinary film underlined at what point “il était tout de même difficile de célébrer la guerre”.

La surface de réparation by Christophe Régin won Le Valois du Scénario and La Belle et la meute Le Valois Magelis, prix des étudiants.

petitpaysan_poster aurevoir_poster


So many films and not enough awards. Coups de coeurs from the FFC team included the following:

Au Revoir là-haut – the magical Opening Night film by Albert Dupontel (9 month stretch at FFC 2014)

Mon garçon – edge of your seat thriller by Christian Carion ((En Mai, fais ce qu’il to plait– FFC 2016)

Le Rire de ma mère – produced by Marie-Castille Mention- Schaar

Jalouse by David and Stéphane Foenkinos

Le Sens de La Fête by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakashe (Intouchable)

Maryline by Guillaume Gallienne

Money by Gela Babluani


WOMEN were omnipresent in the festival this year as in Prendre le large by Gail Morel, Corps étranger by Raja Amari, Demain et tous les autres jours by Noémie Lvovsky, C’est le coeur qui meurt en dernier by Alexis Durand-Brault and Le Rire de ma mère by Colombe Savignac and Pascal Ralite.

A brilliant week in Angoulême was best quoted by our FFC 2017 Honoree, Claude Lelouch:

“Le Cinéma est fait pour tous ceux dont la curiosité est le plus grand défaut.” Stay tuned for FFC 2018 dates!