Kirsten J. Reinhardt

Kirsten Reinhardt is currently the Registrar/Curator at the Bruce Museum and she has degrees in Anthropology and Museum Studies from Beloit College and Brown University.  Her field research concentrated on copper trade systems in North America and terminal ceramic range identification in the South Pacific. She has conducted field research in eleven states and American Samoa. As a Registered Professional Archaeologist, she was a field archaeologist at IVI International in White Plains, NY prior to returning to the museum field as  Curator of Collections & Exhibitions at the Stamford Museum. Her two most recent exhibitions at the Bruce were “Buried Treasures of the Silk Road” and “A Continuous Thread: Navajo Weaving Traditions.” She is also a proud mother of two sons who both graduated from Gettysburg College and who live and work in NY. Kirsten lives in Norwalk, CT.