Gilles Bourdos

Born in Nice, Provence, Gilles Bourdos started in the early 90s as a short-film’s director, including L’éternelle idole and Relache. After co-writing the screenplay for Michel Spinosa’s Emmène-moi, he created with him the production company Persona Films. In 1998, he directs his first full-length, Disparus, the story of a Jewish worker hounded by Staline’s police. His next movie, Inquiétudes (2002), a subtle thriller based on the encounter of two strong personalities unlikely to meet, earns him great praise from the critics. Particularly, his ambitious narrative and aesthetic constraints get noticed. His next movie, Et après ? (Afterwards, 2007), includes a great international cast, led by Romain Duris and John Malkovich, and is selected to Toronto International Film Festival. In 2012, he directs Renoir, with Michel Bouquet as the impressionist painter, Vincent Rottiers playing his son, Jean, and Christa Théret as Andrée, a muse to both these great men. A critical and commercial success in France, it is also expected to get international appreciation. This movie is his third collaboration with Mark Ping Bin Lee, famous for his photography work on Wong KarWai’s In The Mood For Love. Gilles Bourdos lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Gilles Bourdos was our guest in 2013.