Emile Schneider

Having finished his final year in theatre at CEGEP St-Hyacinthe, Emile Schneider earned his first role in the Reprise production Winter Passed (Après la neige), a film by Paul Barbeau.

Since then, Emile Schneider has landed many roles: he played the lead in Vrak TV’s Fée-Éric, and has appeared in Trauma, Mémoires vives, and Il était une fois dans le trouble.

He has also played in a number of independent short films, underground music videos, and clips by emerging artists.

In cinéma, Emile Schneider played the lead in Onur Karaman’s There Where Atilla Passes (Là où Atilla passe), alongside Roy Dupuis. In Andre Forcier’s Kiss Me Like a Lover(Embrasse-moi comme tu m’aimes ), he portrayed the main character Pierre Sauvageau. He can also be seen as the young delinquent in Richard Angers A Pact Among Angels (Le pacte des Anges), presented at FFC 2017, and in the part of Zach in Lion’s path (Le pacte du lion). Devoted entirely to creative expression and performance, Emile never strays from the stage or screen for long.

Emile Schneider presented A Pact Among Angels (Le Pacte des anges) and Kiss Me Like a Lover (Embrasse-moi comme tu m’aimes) at FFC 2017.