The Man Who Mends Women: The Wrath of Hippocrates

French Title: L’homme qui répare les femmes
Genre: Documentary
Director: Thierry Michel
Distributor: ArtMattan Production – ADIFF
Length: 112 min
Country: Belgium – Congo – USA
Release: CT Premiere
Select Award: 1 Magritte Award for Best Documentary
GUESTS: Dr. Claude Rosenthal, President of Gynecologie Sans Frontières (Obstetricians Without Borders) & Dr. Alison Estabrook, Chief of the Comprehensive Breast Center, Mount Sinai St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, and Professor of Clinical Surgery at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

April 3 – 12:15pm
with Dr. Claude Rosenthal, who worked with Dr. Mukwege and Dr. Alison Estabrook


An exploration of the life and work of internationally renowned gynecological surgeon Dr. Denis Mukwege from Congo, who received the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in 2014. Sexual violence against women has been used as a weapon of war for years in the violence-ridden and poverty-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo. In sixteen years of professional practice, Dr. Mukwege has medically assisted over 40,000 sexually abused women. In addition to his life-saving work as a physician, Dr. Mukwege also defends human rights and seeks to raise global awareness on the issue of sexual violence in his country. In this intimate portrait, Belgian filmmaker Thierry Michel intersperses interviews with Dr. Mukwege, survivors and activists with stunning images of the Congo’s natural beauty, underscoring the stark contrasts that comprise the Democratic Republic of Congo today.


BIOGRAPHY Dr. Claude Rosenthal

Dr. Claude Rosenthal is the president of GYNECOL- OGIE SANS FRONTIERES (Gynecology Without Borders,, through which he has cared for girls and women in refugee camps in France, The Congo and elsewhere. His presence at the festival will help us shed light on the vulnerable situation of girls and women in conflict zones worldwide. Dr. Alison Estabrook, one of the world’s top breast cancer specialists, will interview Dr. Rosenthal after the documentary.

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(4/3/16 THEATRE 2)

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