The Dancer

French Title: La Danseuse
Genre: Drama
Director: Stephanie Di Giusto
Screenplay: Stephanie Di Giusto
Cast: Soko, Lily-Rose Depp, Gaspard Ulliel, Melanie Thierry, Francois Damiens, Denis Menochet
Distributor: Wild Bunch
Length: 108 min
Country: France
Release: CT Premiere
Select Awards: César Awards Winner: Best Costumes; César Awards Nominations: Best First Film; Best Actress (Soko); Best Supporting Actress (Mélanie Thierry); Best Newcomer Actress (Lily-Rose Depp); Best Set Design

Friday, March 31 at 3:10pm (Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT)
Sunday, April 2 at 1:25pm (Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT)

Loïe Fuller was born in the American West. Nothing in her background prepared this robust cowgirl to become the toast of the Parisian cabarets of La Belle Epoque, or to dance on the stage of the Paris Opera. Then one day she invents the “Serpentine Dance.” Hidden by yards of floating fabric, her arms extended by two wooden poles as she moves beneath the stage lights, Loïe becomes a flower, a butterfly, a flame—and each night the crowds call out for more. This awkward woman lacking apparent charm has found her place in the world: she will be “The Dancer,” even though her physical efforts may break her back, and the stage lights may blind her.

FOCUS ON: Origin of the Story
“It all began with a black and white photograph
of a dancer hidden in swirling veils and floating above ground with a caption at the bottom: “Loïe Fuller: Icon of the Belle Epoque.” I was curious about the woman behind the long swaths of fabric, and her story blew me away. I loved the fact that she became famous by concealing herself, her trailblazing nature. With her Serpentine Dance, Loïe Fuller literally revolutionized the stage arts at the end of the 19th century. Yet no one, or almost no one, remembers her. “

– Stephanie Di Giusto