Petit Paysan – Film from France

Genre Drama
Director Hubert Charuel
Screenplay Hubert Charuel, Claude Le Pape
Starring Swann Arlaud, Sara Giraudeau, Bouli Lanners, Isabelle Candelier
Length 90 min
Country France
US Release CT Premiere

Saturday, April 28 – 9:00 AM to 10:55 AM
Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT

Pierre is a dairy farmer in his mid-thirties whose life revolves around his farm, his veterinarian sister, and the parents whose farm he has just taken over. As the first indications of a deadly epidemic based on Mad Cow disease are announced in France, Pierre discovers that one of his cows has been infected and resorts to drastic measures in order to protect both his flock and his livelihood.

Note on French language: “paysan -nom masculin, Homme, femme vivant à la campagne du travail de la terre” means farmer

César Awards 2018
Best Actor: Swann Arlaud
Best Supporting Actress: Sara Giraudeau
Best First Film: Petit Paysan by Hubert Charuel
Best Film
Best Director: Hubert Charuel
Best Editing: Lilian Corbeille, Grégoire Pontécaille, Julie Léna
Best Original Screenplay: Claude Le Pape, Hubert Charuel
Cannes Film Festival 2017
Caméra d’Or, Hubert Charuel

In essence, Pierre is part of a dying breed trying to make ends meet in a place where agribusinesses rule and smaller farms have a hard time surviving. His decision… is both a means to save his farm, and, in a greater sense, an act of resistance.
– The Hollywood Reporter

FOCUS ON Hubert Charuel – Director
Hubert Charuel is a farmer’s son. His parents farm is located in Droyes, between Reims and Nancy, twenty kilometers from Saint-Dizier.
“What allowed me to survive the dairy crisis was hard work, a little investment, a few new tools, and limited loans. It means a lot of intelligence, as well as physical intelligence in order to survive.”
-Hubert Charuel