French Title: Maestro
Genre: Comedy
Director: Léa Fazer
Cast: Pio Marmaï, Michael Lonsdale, Déborah François, Alice Belaïdi
Length: 85 min
Country: France
Release: July 2014
Select Awards: 1 Magritte & 1 Champs-Elysées Festival Nominations
Henri, a young actor who wants nothing more than to star in Fast & Furious gets a part in the latest Cédric Rovère film, a monument of auteur cinema. The filming conditions aren’t exactly what Henri expected… But his acting partner’s charm and the film master’s benevolence will make him grow and express feelings he had never know before. Meanwhile, Rovère is taken by Henri’s youthfulness and whimsy.
“A fun film, very charming” – Le Monde