The Apollo of Gaza – L’Apollon de Gaza

Genre Documentary
Director Nicolas Wadimoff
Screenplay Nicolas Wadimoff
Length 79 min
Country Switzerland, Canada, Palestine
US Release US Premiere

Sunday, April 28 – 9:45am 
Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT

Guest: Kirsten J. Reinhardt

In summer 2013, a statue of Apollo more than 2500 years old is discovered in the nets of a fisherman from Gaza. Then, the statue vanishes, opening all sorts of speculations: hidden in a tunnel, hostage of armed groups, destroyed by fundamentalists or resold to international traffickers of art. Proven or fantasized, the wildest assumptions circulate about the statue. It is like a symbol of what this region of the world means in everybody’s imagination. God of the Arts and Poetry, but also of the Oracles and the Divinations, who would know better than the Apollo to put his witty and elevated look on this part of the world prey to the madness of the Men?


FIPADOC (Festival International Documentaire 2019) de Biarritz Nomination


“Qu’est-il arrivé à l’Apollon de Gaza ? Dès le début du film, on comprend qu’on ne connaîtra jamais avec certitude le fin mot de l’histoire. Que cette quête sert surtout de prétexte à Nicolas Wadimoff pour nous montrer Gaza comme on ne l’a jamais vue.”-La presse

“All that remains are the stories of those who had the good fortune to admire the statue in person – a multitude of impassioned accounts that are spun together to form a great web, pulled taut with facts, myths, intrigue but above all, hope.”– Giorgia Del Don, Cineuropa