In The Move for Love – L’amour Flou (FIAF)

Genre Comedy
Director Romane Bohringer, Philippe Rebbot
Screenplay Philippe Rebbot
Starring Romane Bohringer, Philippe Rebbot, Rose Rebbot-Bohringer, Raoul Rebbot-Bohringer
Length 97 min
Country France
US Release US Premiere

Tuesday, April 30 Time: 7:30pm
French Institute Alliance Française, New York, NY
Followed by a Closing Night Cocktail Reception 

Guest: Romane Bohringer & Philippe Rebbot

Romane and Philippe split up. After 10 years of living together,two kids and a dog, they don’t love each other anymore. I mean … they’re not in love anymore. But they still love each other. Many.Too much to really split up? Anyway … it’s blurry. Then, under the circumspect look of their surroundings, they give birth together to a “separation”: two separate apartments, communicating by…their children’s room! Can we split up together? Can we make a new life without losing it?

Nominations: César Awards- Best First Film. Prix Louis Delluc- Best First Film


“Intime, pudique, sincère et drôle.”- Ouest France

“Romane Bohringer et Philippe Rebbot mettent en scène (dans tous les sens du terme) leur séparation. Ce qui donne une libre improvisation chaotique et enlevée. Une sorte de rupture, chaleureuse, marrante et mélancolique.”- Les Fiches du Cinéma

“Bravo to them for converting a family break-up into a tender un-breakup.”– Rosslyn Hyams, Cinefile