French Title: La Vanité
Genre: Drama – Comedy
Director: Lionel Baier
Cast: Carmen Maura, Patrick Lapp, Ivan Gueorgiev
Distributor: Wide Management
Length: 75 min
Country: Switzerland – France
Release: North American Premiere
JUST WON: 2 Swiss Film Awards for Best Actor 2016 (Patrick Lapp) and Best Performance in a Supporting Role 2016 (Ivan Georgiev)
GUEST: Lionel Baier

April 2 – 3:45pm
Q&A with Director Lionel Baier


Terminally ill architect David Miller decides to die on his own terms. He plans everything: the place, the date, and the method; but nothing goes according to plan. With Esperanza (Carmen Maura), member of a local euthanasia association, and Tréplev, a young male prostitute, David finds unexpected comfort and solidarity with complete strangers. Through the film title, director Lionel Baier evokes the Dutch and Flemish still life paintings that allegorize the ephemeral nature of human satisfactions and achievements, and yet the film Vanity remains with the viewer, long after the last image has dissolved away.


Vanity (La Vanité) – 2015

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Toulouse – 2010

Another Man (Un autre homme) – 2008

Stealth (Comme des voleurs) – 2006

Stupid Boy (Garçon stupide) – 2004

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(4/2/16 THEATRE 2)

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