I’ll Bury You

French Title: Je te survivrai
Genre: Comedy – Drama
Director: Sylvestre Sbille
Cast: Jonathan Zaccaï, Ben Rigga, Laurent Capelutto
Length: 91 min
Country: Belgium – France
Release: May 2014 – US Premiere
Awards: Magritte 2015 – First Feature Film (& 2 nominations)

Joe, 40, is as unbearable as he is charming… A gifted estate agent, capable of selling a hovel for the price of a castle, he’s an emotional wreck, and a walking disaster as a husband and father. Joe lives in a big house in the country, and above all else, he hates his old neighbor, Blanche. Her crumbling ruin of a property, her overgrown mess of a garden, her pack of flea-ridden animals… Joe hates everything about her. And to top it all off, Blanche – who loathes Joe as much as he detests her – seems to have the gift of eternal life. At his wits end, Joe decides to climb down into the old woman’s well. But his rope snaps and he’s trapped, alone with a beer and a phone with no signal. No one knows where he is. No one except Blanche…