Hunting & Gathering

French Title: Ensemble c’est tout
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Claude Berri
Cast: Audrey Tautou, Guillaume Canet, Laurent Stocker, Francoise Bertin…
Run Time: 1 h 37 min
Country: France
Release: 2007 in France

Presented at Focus on French Cinema in 2008


From master director Claude Berri (Jean de Florette) and starring two of France’s brightest young stars, Audrey Tautou and Guillaume Canet, comes an enchanting romantic fable about a collection of misfits in Paris.

Camille (Audrey Tautou) is doing her best to disappear. She barely eats, works at night as a cleaner, and lives in a tiny unheated attic in an 18th century apartment building that also houses the ornate apartment of the stuttering aristocrat Philibert (Laurent Stocker).

Philibert, who sells postcards outside a museum, is every bit the gentleman when called upon by circumstances. His penchant for helping people is realised when he rescues Camille from her freezing garret one evening and invites her to stay. But Philibert already has an unlikely flat mate Franck (Guillaume Canet), a moody young chef, made more obnoxious by the guilt he experiences for putting his beloved grandmother Paulette (Francoise Bertin) into a home.

Hunting & Gathering is the story of this curious quartet. Without each other, Camille, Franck, Philibert and Paulette’s lives feel empty, but through one another they rediscover their passion for life and learn to face the world.

Gorgeously original, full of humour and razor-sharp observation, redolent of Paris, its foibles, its food and its deserted corners, Hunting & Gathering is a universal story of human connection and the nurturing spirit of human relationships.