French Title: Encore Heureux
Genre: Comedy
Director: Benoît Graffin
Cast: Sandrine Kiberlain, Edouard Baer, Carla Besnaïnou, Mathieu Torloting
Distributor: EuropaCorp
Length: 93 min
Country: France
Release: North American Premiere

April 2 – 4:10pm
Q&A with Director Benoît Graffin


Marie and Sam and their two children live a comfortable life, when suddenly Sam loses his job. This clever dramatic comedy follows their social switch from the middle-upper class to one of financial hardship, underlining that sometimes life has very unexpected surprises for the worse — or the better. Through the social and economic ordeal of a regular Parisian family, a story about love and family emerges.

FOCUS ON an Actor’s Interpretation

“It is indeed one of the strong themes of the story: the right to be happy. Yes, as stated in the title, despite the troubles, the pitfalls or the vagaries of life, we should have the right to be ‘still happy’. Like Marie, when we have children that we love, a husband who is not doing well but that we still love, we must fight to keep this happiness and everything that gives us the desire to continue living. This is what the film is talking about: even when everything fails, it’s always possible to bounce back. This is the part of the story that should resonate with a lot of people: at certain times in our lives we are not glorious or exemplary but this does not necessarily make us bad people.” -Sandrine Kiberlain

FOCUS ON comedy as a “Mission”

“We used as our point of departure the following principle: if you speak like a victim, you install a sort of compassion that is difficult to overcome. Lessen the weight of the world, that’s a bit the mission of comedy. Marie and Sam are victims of society but their attitude is completely opposite. They take the high road, having fun, with panache and even a little wickedness between them. I absolutely wanted them to have an air that was vibrant, piquant, rebellious.” -Benoît Graffin

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(4/2/16 THEATRE 1)