He Even Has Your Eyes

French Title: Il a déjà tes yeux
Genre: Comedy
Director: Lucien Jean-Baptiste
Screenplay: Sébastien Mounier, Marie-Françoise Colombani, Lucien Jean-Baptiste
Cast: Aïssa Maïga, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Vincent Elbaz, Zabou Breitman
Distributor: TF1 International
Length: 95 min
Country: France
U.S. Release: U.S. Premiere
Select Awards: Rendez-vous du cinéma francophone: Official Selection; Angouleme Film Festival: Official Selection; Namur International Film Festival Nomination: Views of the Present

GUEST: Aïssa Maïga

Saturday, April 1 at 9:15pm (Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT)
Sunday, April 2 at 1:15pm (Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT)


In their mid-thirties, Paul and Sali, a Parisian couple of Caribbean and West African origin, are happily married and the proud new owners of a flower shop. The only cloud on their horizon is the long wait to adopt a child. Just when the couple has given up hope, the adoption agency calls with good news. The couple’s new baby boy is six months old, his name is Benjamin, he’s beautiful, he has lovely blue eyes…and he’s white. Director and star Lucien Jean-Baptiste explores what race and ethnicity mean when it comes to being a family; where love is concerned, do they mean anything at all?

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