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French Title: Les Cowboys
Genre: Thriller – Drama
Director: Thomas Bidegain
Cast: François Damiens, Finnegan Oldfield, John C. Reilly
Distributor: Cohen Media Group
Length: 104 min
Country: France – Belgium
Release: CT Premiere
Select Awards: 4 Cesar 2016 Nominations | 1 Festival de Cannes 2015 Nomination | 1 Lumière Nomination | 1 Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville Award

April 2 – 9:05pm
April 3 – 3:05pm


At a country western gathering in eastern France, Alain’s (François Damiens) teenage daughter mysteriously disappears. Discovering that she has eloped with her Muslim boyfriend, the father sets off on an obsessive search reminiscent of John Ford’s The Searchers, except this time the destina- tion is war-torn Afghanistan. Years pass, yet Alain will stop at nothing to find his daughter, even enlisting his son in the quest. Acclaimed screen- writer Thomas Bidegain’s debut film transports that most American of genres, the Western, to the 9/11 era.


FOCUS ON John C. Reilly’s Real-Life Character

“Since this is a Western, we figured he’d be a bounty hunter, but the bounty in question here is insurance money! He’s the one who settles the ransom. Noé [Debré, co-screenwriter] actually found someone who handles this kind of work for the French authorities. When we had him read the script, he told us that it was totally credible, but not nearly as incredible as reality sometimes is. These guys are the real adventurers, real cowboys.” -Thomas Bidegain


“Bidegain, who for years has served as the muscle behind Jacques Audiard’s scripts, advances his ongoing deconstruction of genre-movie masculinity in his uncompromising, anti-romantic directorial debut.” -Variety

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(4/2/16 THEATRE 2)

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