Asterix and the Land of the Gods

French Title: Asterix et le domaine des dieux
Genre: Animation
Director: Louis Clichy & Alexandre Astier
Cast: Lorant Deutsch, Laurent Lafitte, Alexandre Astier, Alain Chabat
Length: 82 min
Counry: France / Belgium 
Release: Nov. 2014 – US Premiere
Julius Caesar unveils his latest plan to get rid of those indomitable Gauls once and for all. As his army has not been able to crush “the last pocket of resistance”, he decides to try a stealth invasion: civilization delivered to the village gates! He builds a new Rome-The Land of the Gods-around Asterix’s village, pressuring the Gauls to assimilate or vanish. Despite Asterix and Obelix’s plans to stop the construction work, the buildings quickly rise and the Roman citizens start to peacefully invade their surroundings, bringing chaos to Asterix’s village. Could this finally mean victory for Caesar?