Animated Shorts – La Chouette

La Chouette entre veille et sommeil
Genre: Animation
Running Time: 40 min
Distributor: Cinéma Public Films
Countries: France, Belgium
US Release: North American Premiere


Saturday, April 1 at 10:45 am (Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT)
Sunday, April 2 at 12:15 pm (Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT)
French Title: Compte les moutons
Director: Fritz Standaert
Running Time: 7 min
A little boy cannot fall asleep. His father advises to count sheeps… until the animals start appearing before him
French Title: Une autre paire de manche
Director: Samuel Guénolé
Screenplay: Samuel Guénolé
Running Time: 6 min
Arthur has to get dressed every morning to go to school. Every step is a struggle and his imagination knows no bond!
French Title: La soupe au caillou 
Director: Clémentine Robach
Screenplay: Clémentine Robach
Running Time: min
These inhabitants of a small town don’t have much to eat and spend all their time watching tv. Fortunately, a power outage will force them to get out, meet, and prepare a special soup…
French Title: La galette court toujours
Director: Pascale Hecquet
Screenplay: Arnaud Demuynck
Running Time: 8 min
A yummy cookie runs away…

French Title: La Moufle
Director: Clémentine Robach
Screenplay: Arnaud Demuynck
Running Time: min
In the winter, Lily and her grandpa install a bird house. To help a squirrel in distress, she gives him her glove. Who knows which other animals will use it for shelter?



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