French Title: 1:54
Genre: Drama
Director: Yan England
Screenplay: Yan England
Cast: Antoine Olivier Pilon, Sophie Nélisse, Lou-Pascal Tremblay
Distributor: TF1 International
Length: 106 min
Country: Canada (Québec)
U.S. Release: East Coast Premiere
Select Awards & Nominations: Festival du film francophone d’Angoulême: Best Actor Award (Antoine Olivier Pilon), Magelis Prize; Namur Francophone Film Festival: Junior Jury Prize; Rome Independent Film Festival: Special Mention

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High school science geek Tim goes out of his way to avoid provoking the local bullies at his school. But when his only friend and secret crush Francis encounters tragedy, Tim decides to take his own revenge. He joins the track team, gunning for the head bully in the 800-meter dash—but all does not go as planned.

FOCUS ON: Antoine Olivier Pilon

“Antoine Olivier Pilon has a naturally defensive presence. Previously the breakout from Xavier Dolan’s caustic melodrama Mommy, his body language is less reactionary than compensatory. When he responds, it’s like the pull of a slingshot, a persistent clenching that the audience worries will never unleash. From the first moment he’s seen on screen in Yan England’s debut, 1:54, he’s fighting at unseen expectations of the universe.”

– Michael Snydel, Film Stage



1:54’s appeal doesn’t stop at the schoolyard (…) an efficient, moving piece about an important issue.”

– Montréal Gazette


“This film is the perfect combination of heartbreaking coming-of-age story and competitive-sports feature.”