Arktika Incognita (second screening)

Genre Documentary / Adventure
Director Bertrand Delapierre
Screenplay Bertrand Delapierre, Luc Hardy, Alain Zenou
Starring Alexei Tikhonov, Eric Crubézy, Kevin Wood, Alexey Molchanov, Aurore Asso, Natalya Volgusheva, Sébastien Gadal, Marc Jarry, Ludovic Ravanel, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Luc Hardy, Marie de la Ville Baugé, Adrien de Bontin, Arkady Nasonov, Maxim Arbugaev, Andreï Demeshin, Victor Boyarsky, Zarina Kopyrina, Andres Dhzons
Length 52 min
Country France, United States
US Release World Premiere

Q&A with Luc Hardy and Alain Zenou

Tuesday, May 1 – 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
FIAF, New York, NY

At a time when man dreams of conquering other planets, there exists on Earth an extreme region with many secrets. Beyond the Arctic Circle, the islands of New Siberia are still Terra Incognita. Rare explorers have stepped upon these white lands. In 1879, aboard the USS Jeannette, Captain George De Long and his crew aspired to reach the North Pole. They discovered islands, later named De Long, but did not reach the famous pole, and the adventure turned tragic.
In 2017, as a tribute to these men, an international, multicultural expedition set off on the trail of the Jeannette. The purpose of this mission is to explore, observe, and witness this unknown world of white mounds on the ocean, the sanctuary of an authentic Arctic wildlife. In the manner of 19th-century explorers, scientists, adventurers, artists and freedivers go in search of this Artika Incognita.

SELECT FILMOGRAPHY Luc Hardy (Producer, Explorer and Expedition Leader)
The Pursuit of Endurance – In the Footsteps of Shackleton  (À la poursuite de l’Endurance – Sur les traces de Shackleton)
Director : Bertrand Delapierre, Producer : Luc Hardy

Tout là-haut
Director, B Team cinema : Bertrand Delapierre

“To succeed in this extreme adventure, our conquerors of a new kind embarked on a mythical freighter – The Mikhail Somov, an arctic icebreaker, rescued from the Soviet era, operated by a crew of hardened sailors. Very difficult shooting conditions… “(Bertrand Delapierre–director)

“For me, Arktika Incognita is a very good example of scientific and sport collaboration between France, Russia and the United States.” (Alexei Tikhonov–Russian Academy of Sciences)

“The free diving done on the site of the sinking of the USS Jeannette really made us want to come back to help recover the wreck.” (Alexey Molchanov and Aurore Asso–free divers)

“Today, Arctic regions are severely disrupted by global warming of anthropogenic nature. Climate change is accelerating the melting of pack ice and permafrost each year, causing cascading disasters, such as soil collapse, crater formations releasing carbon dioxide and methane bubbles. And new shipping routes are starting to open … ” (Luc Hardy–Pax Arctica founder).

“To go to the De Long Islands is to throw oneself into this immense unknown, to search relentlessly for the possible traces of a distant past, to better anticipate our future years.” (Eric Crubezy–CNRS).

Collecting scientific data using state-of-the-art equipment in one of the most remote areas of the planet is one of the wonderful paradoxes of this expedition” (Natalya Volgusheva – Saint-Petersburg State University)

“We are thrilled to present this world premiere documentary as part of our offering this year” (Anne M. Kern, Associate Professor of Cinema Studies – Purchase College)

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