French Title: Mon ange
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Director: Harry Cleven
Screenplay: Harry Cleven, Thomas Gunzig

Cast: Elina Löwensöhn, Fleur Geffrier
Distributor: Elle Driver
Length: 84 min
Country: France, Belgium
Release: North American Premiere

Sunday, April 2 at 2:50pm (Bow Tie Cinemas, Greenwich, CT)

Devastated with grief after the mysterious disap- pearance of her magician lover, Louise is sent to a psychiatric asylum. Nine months later, she gives birth to Angel, a baby boy with an incredible gift: he is invisible. To protect him from the cruelty of the outside world, his mother hides his existence. Angel grows up quite normally until he meets Madeleine, a blind little girl of his age who lives nearby. They quickly fall in love and become inseparable, Madeleine still unaware of Angel’s invisibility. Until one day Madeleine announces something that will turn their lives upside down…

FOCUS ON: Note from the Screenwriter

Invisibility, perhaps along with the dream of flying, is a wish hidden deep down in people’s hearts. It is one of those desires that fuels their imaginations, their dreams and their fantasies. I have always wanted to refresh the subject…To treat it in a new way, placing it at the center of a story that would be modern, poetic, dramatic and romantic all at once.

– Thomas Gunzig

FOCUS ON: Poetic Potential

Thomas Gunzig had this fantasy about an invisible character coming into the world and then growing up. I was captivated by the poetical potential of his proposition, and the idea of a romance between an invisible little boy and a little blind girl took shape. Right from the start, Jaco Van Dormael – who had introduced me to Thomas – was excited about the project and offered to produce the fi lm. Following Jaco’s wise advice, we adopted a minimalist style in developing the script, focusing on the straight and pure line of this impossible love. The story is written like a fairytale or a fable.”

– Harry Cleven

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