Alice Taglioni

Before wanting to be actress, Alice Taglioni first began as a pianist formation to the Music Conservatory of Paris. To overcome her shyness, she takes theater courses and quickly catches the virus of comedy. She begins her film career in 2001 in the La bande du drugstore (2002) and Quatre copains (2001). She obtains one of the principal roles of Brocéliande (2003), plays in The Pharmacist (2003) and Grande école (2004) in 2002. The film The Story of My Life (2004) in 2003 gave her the recognition of the public. Alice next embarked on more prestigious productions of the year 2005. She was a pilot in Sky Fighters (2005), then acted in Le cactus (2005) and also acted with Gad Elmaleh in The Valet (2006) by Francis Veber. Alice Taglioni was our guest in 2008.

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