Alain Zenou

Passionate about history and science, Alain Zenou is the screenwriter of many prestigious documentaries, such as Toumaï, le nouvel Ancêtre, Second Life & Baby Mammoth Awakening; Kheops Revealed. His latest documentary film is Arktika Incognita produced by Luc Hardy, Sagax Entertainment, and directed by Bertrand Delapierre. In France, Alain Zenou was one of the first authors to popularize the writing of docu-fiction. His films have been broadcasted all over the world: Canal+, Arte, France Télévisions, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel. Some of his achievements have been broadcasted in prime time, such as Ramsès – Mysteries in the Valley of the Kings; Cape to Cape (from North Cape to Cape of Good Hope); Paris, a Capital History (4×52’). He has also been editorial counselor and associate producer on Werner Herzog’s Cave of Lost Dreams, a 3D documentary.

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